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In Memory

In Loving Memory of Bucky

In July 2004 I adopted Dexter from Nittany Beagle Rescue. Dexter had a checkered past and, as it turns out, some pretty severe anxiety issues. After two weeks with Dexter, I was looking for some ideas to calm his nerves. Perhaps a doggie friend would do it? Enter Bucky. NBR received a call from a full shelter in Philadelphia. They had a beagle mix who had only one day left. If someone would come and get him from NBR, he could be saved. It was that day I decided that I'd become a beagle foster parent-welcome Bucky! Even if it didn't work out and he wound up in the NBR kennel, we had nothing to lose at that point. I will never forget Bobbi and Jamie bringing him to my door after picking him up at the shelter. Dex and I came out to meet him and he was twice the size of Dex! (He did like his treats!). We came inside and he immediately peed on my wall and then followed Dexter out to the little patio. Both dogs laid down together watching the passing cars and enjoying the summer breeze. Bucky was not only free from his tiny shelter crate, but he had a new home and a new friend!
As Bucky was a foster dog, we went to several showings to try to find him a home. I still remember a little girl at Petco saying, "Mama, I don't like the fat one". Well, I decided that I indeed loved "the fat one" and he was STAYING with Dexter and I.
Bucky went through a lot during his 9 years with us. He was a loyal friend, and had lots of funny little quirks we loved, including a bark that rivalled nothing we've ever heard come out of a beagle (we still have no idea what he was mixed with). He shared Rob's love for fine cuisine (and not so fine cuisine sometimes!), and hung in there through losing Dex and Tina, and our move last summer. He was a great "help" during painting (occasionally dipping his tail or other parts in paint and allowing any and all drop cloths to serve as napping spots).
At over 16, his body was finally giving out and we had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye. Bucky was my "failed foster", and our very special buddy. He will be remembered fondly for bringing us his stuffed animals upon arrival home, sneaking into the closet to sleep on any and all of Rob's clothes-especially anything black---demolishing a chewy before he even knew what he ate, standing vigil when we were sick, and generally making us smile daily. It was fate we got that call 9 years ago, and we are definitely glad that he rescued us. Rest well sweet Bucky. Look for Dexter and Tina on the Rainbow Bridge, and we will see you again someday!
Stacey and Rob Peeler

Losing a beloved pet is so very hard on all of us. They have given us so much love through the years when they were with us here on earth and now we live with their wonderful memories.

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