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Lauren's Story

Lauren's Story

Almost all animal lovers would agree that one of the most important lessons animals teach is unconditional love. Lauren's Story is about the unquestioning love that exists between humans and their animal friends.

Lauren, a little stray beagle named for Lauren Bacall, is found unconscious and nearly dead from starvation. She spends three weeks in intensive care at the vets then is given back to Amy, the girl who found her. Amy gives her to her sister, Kay who is living in Paris, and from there a love story begins. Lauren learns to love the French capital, and who wouldn't? She dines out in some of Paris' best restaurants beside Kay as Kay reviews the food.

But moments of joy in life are ephemeral, for Lauren is plagued with illnesses from aspirated pneumonia to laryngeal paralysis. Kay and Lauren return to Virginia. Then in late September Lauren is diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma, one of the most difficult cancers to treat, and the vets tell Kay Lauren will never make it to Christmas. Kay must decide whether to put her to sleep or to attempt treatment. Lauren undergoes radiation and chemotherapy. She makes it to Christmas and to the New Year. She makes it to see the spring return, and with the spring, comes the promise of hope.

Lauren's Story is much more than just a rags to riches dog story. It's a testimony to the power of laughter and love to get us through life, and ultimately the power of art as one of the most enduring forces in life. For Francophiles or for anyone who has ever loved a dog, Lauren's Story is a must.

Nittany Beagle Rescue is proud to have copies for sale of Lauren's Story. To order a copy, please email us. The cost is $15.00 each. All proceeds benefit Nittany Beagle Rescue.

Lauren's Story is also available for sale from Barnes & Noble and